December wrap-up and update: the tip of the iceberg edition

The past two months have been a whirlwind. We’ve visited liveaboard boats, started reading Mark Nicholas’ book, and lurked on forums. Tig spent hours on Yachtworld, looking up reviews in Practical Boat Buying and pining for a boat that got away. We interviewed a couple of yacht brokers and started looking for a surveyor. We also took a moment to express our gratitude for this past year before doing a little boat shopping.

After our whirlwhind tour of boats, we decided to go small. Tig has been reading the Martin’s site about the family of five’s sailing adventures on a 33′ boat. Their articles assert that cruising boats have gotten too big over the years, and they support the “Go small. Go Simple. Go now.” philosophy.

In effort to step it up a notch, we’ve immersed ourselves in our dream (I’m typing with a sleeping baby in my lap right now): accelerating the plan from five years to “as soon as we find our boat” and stalking local liveaboards we meet–okay maybe not in such a creepy way. By starting a public blog about this process, I was essentially forcing our hand and ignoring my lizard brain.

Now that the holidays are behind us, we’re looking forward to the adventures in 2011. This is just the beginning.


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2 responses to “December wrap-up and update: the tip of the iceberg edition

  1. Rocki Prophet

    We share a dream. My family of four are excited to be just looking at boats.Thank you for putting all of this information up it makes my journey easier. Keep it up! Instead of starting my own blog I think I’ll just post on yours. Maybe we can help each other on the way.

    I am curious as to whether our motives for getting a boat and living aboard are the same. I believe that as I get closer to my destination I will find more people who see the same things that I do. Feel free to E-mail me.

    • Thank you Rocki. One of the reasons why we started the blog was to meet other people with liveaboard dreams. Blogs are a great way to chronicle the journey. Please do let me know when you start your own, I’d love to read your thoughts!

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